My new addiction: fairy houses



I just love them. I always loved to make wooden clocks, but a couple of weeks ago accidentally, I can’t remember, how I got the idea, I made a Fairy house-like clock. The base was a nice piece of wood, found somewhere (my other addiction, I take home any nice pieces :)) than the first one with the sun around the clock came out, very nicely.




DSCF4557m The second one in the bark-roofed property with the butterflies flown on the clock. I can’t decide which one I love better, but more houses on the way, so the new ones might help to choose!

I should start a Fairy Estate Agency, soon, I think.


2 thoughts on “My new addiction: fairy houses

  1. Have u made fairy house to look like a log cabin? I live in a log cabin A frame just like the old Lincoln logs! Round stackable! Always looking for the log cabin look. Loving your houses and would love a piece of your work!

    1. Pam, I have never tried, it might be something for the future…
      I am not sure if I could do that…maybe something similar. Let me know your budget, I try to find out something!

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