Reviews, opinions


“These are the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. The detail and workmanship is superb. Fabulous x”


“You work is amazing and I love to see where fairies like to live”


“I adore your work. It’s elegant, fascinating and divine.”



wooden fairy house

“Your work is absolutely beautiful , makes me think when I was a little girl and wonder what a fairy house would look like …

I love your wonderful imagination and craftsmanship . ..Thank you for work and bring back memories . ..”






“How quaint and positively delightful the houses are. Also, that I secretly wish I’d like to be a fairy so I could live in one!”


“Your work makes me smile, it’s that simple and your page takes me away

to a different world where every living creature lives in safety,

love a harmony …for that brief space in time, all is right with the world, even the “real” world.”


“I love your work. They’re beautiful, one of kind and add a touch of magic wherever they are”


“Love all of your work especially your pixie houses such imagination goes

into everything you do I could just imagine being a little pixie living in one of your houses?

love that everything is one of a kind and will never be found anywhere else”


“You take what nature has given and create beautiful work.

Fairies would enjoy living in them, and if you ever made a human sized house,

I’d love to live there. You make magic.”


“Love the individuality of ever piece. The work that is put in to every house is amazing”


“I love your uniqueness and the love that is put into each of your creations shines through”


“You’re work is amazing, all the details you put into the houses is beautiful,

it shows that you truly love making these fairy houses and the love shines through in every one of them.

If I was a fairy I would be honoured to live in one of these stunning houses!”



handmade fairy house outdoor

“Your pieces are just so magical! The little houses I always hoped to find

during my childhood walks in the wood with my grandpa! Such wonderful memories!”


“Every little girl should believe in fairies, you help to keep the magic”


“All your pieces are absolutely enchanting.

They take me back to my childhood when I used to visit the fairy tree in my gran’s local wood.

My grandfather used to tell us stories about the fairies that lived there.

Your work makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you”


handmade outdoor wooden fairy house

“I love your work. It’s an art as I see it.

All are unique and done with love. Most of all, it’s magic.

My kids believe in fairies because we have your pieces in and around the garden”


“I love all the intricate details you put into these magical houses.

You have magic hands and are so gifted in what you do helping make magic come true for others..”

fairy house, outdoor, handcrafted



“I love the magic that each thing that you make creates.

It allows both young and old a little fantasy and imagination thinking about all those flittering fairies X”


“I love the uniqueness of your items as well as your professional friendly service.”


“You bring the magic alive, it’s personal, it’s creative, it’s magical”



fairy house, outdoor, handcrafted, led lights

“I love all of your work as you have so many fine little details.

Each and everyone is unique so making it extra special for the person that receives it.

You make them all so beautifully. ”


“I love all the detail you put into your work

which just shows how dedicated you are. Sheer magic in every detail!!”


“What I LOVE about your works is it is truly unique.

I have not seen ANYTHING like it anywhere..and boy did I search.

Each house is so distinct it is amazing.”


handmade fairy house, handcrafted pixie house, fairy house

“I love how whimsical your designs are! The attention to detail is amazing!”


“I love the attention to detail, and that every single piece is different in its own way. So magical.”


“I love how magical your work is, you can imagine real fairies living in these little houses”

handmade fairy house, handcrafted pixie house, garden ornaments, fairy doors





“I love what you create and enjoy visiting your page as it allows me

to escape from our crazy world when we need to and it takes me to a place

where I really believe that fairies and magic still exist.”


“Your creations take me away to that part of your imagination

that you often lose touch with as an adult! In a word magical”


“Your love, care and attention to detail – simply stunning!”


“Its the attention to detail they are so magical, half the time I wish I was a fairy

to live in one as I know you have put so much love and creativity into them xx”


outdoor fairy house with solar lights

“Your work is breathtakingly unique.

The smallest details create a dreamworld for all to enter and experience a magical existence.”




“I love that you create and spread magic, the magic of fairies and the magic of nature

and most importantly the magic of belief in the impossible, plus your work is simply beautiful”


“I love all your unique work. You can see all the love and hours put into every piece.

It makes you feel like anything is possible in life with time and effort.”


walnut miniature fairy house

“Your heart and soul is in every aspect of your work.”


“You make the magic happen! Simply beautiful x”


“Your work is spectacular I love that you continue

to believe in magic and provide homes for fairies.

It is cute and you produce beautiful pieces of art. Your creativity inspires me x”


“I love how your work is so intricate and magical all at the same time. It’s stunning.xx”


“The part I like about it is you can tell the love and hours that goes into every piece made.

The details that’s put into them all. All your work is so unique.”